Building rapport in user testing

Building rapport

Tips for getting high-quality feedback from research participants

Ask! The value of user research


Fowlam’s CEO Frances Brown talks about the value of user research.

User research and expert advice for Yoop

User research for Yoop

How Fowlam worked with startup Yoop to understand their users’ needs

Focus group

When ‘no’ is a positive word

Why disagreement can give you better insights

Don't design in the dark

Don’t design in the dark

User research cuts down the time it takes to make design decisions and reduces the risk of failure.

Improving processes with user research

Case Study: Improving processes for UK Visas and Immigration

Fowlam was asked to help UK Visas and Immigration to improve efficiency across all visa services. Here’s how we did it.

Case study: Location-based apps

Fowlam worked with users and stakeholders to design and develop two location-based apps for the University of Nottingham.

Innovate 2017 - Optimism tinged with concern

Innovate 2017 – Optimism tinged with concern

Innovate 2017 showcased impressive innovation. But is the necessary groundwork being done to support and sustain innovation in the long term?

Beware the UX unicorn

User research can be carried out by UX designers but should it?