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Fowlam’s new brand honours a research pioneer

Fowlam’s CEO, Frances Brown talks about the process of rebranding the company and the thinking behind the new name. Back in 2016, my husband Michael and I had been working in UX/user research for a number of years. We had seen that there was a need, both in government and in the private sector, for…
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Order effects in design research

It’s not the just content of the user research questions you ask that influences the data you gather. Order effects can also have a big impact.

How does user research work?

Answers to key questions for companies who are new to UX research

Improving processes with user research

Start with user needs

How a focus on user needs transformed government digital services

Invisible Women

Invisible Women: How a lack of research can reinforce inequality

How Caroline Criado Perez’s new book illustrates the importance of research in addressing inequality

Product development: why user research must come first

Product development: Why user research must come first

User research must happen before a single design is created or a line of code is written

Oh no my user research has gone wrong!

When user research goes wrong

Fowlam’s CRO Michael Brown talks about the ways in which user research can go wrong.

How not to ask questions

How not to ask questions

User research is about finding out how your users interact with the world. To get good data you need to ask good questions.

The value of quick and dirty protoypes

The value of quick and dirty prototypes

Polished prototypes aren’t always a good thing