Don’t design in the dark

Don’t design in the dark

Don't design in the dark

When designing a new product, service or system, the number of decisions to be made is enormous. If it’s an entirely new or innovative product, the question of what users need and want can be an entirely open one and choosing between different design options can become an expensive and potentially disastrous guessing game. If an unattractive or unusable design goes on the market, the impact on the success of the project can be enormous. Regaining the loyalty of unhappy users is time consuming and the cost of a redesign can be crippling.

Embedding users in the design process from start to finish vastly reduces the risk. Considering users right from the beginning and getting their input early means that time won’t be wasted chasing down ineffective or unattractive options. Fruitless theoretical discussions about what might or might not work are cut down – research with users gives clear and concise data that clearly identifies the best choice. Designs can be prototyped and tested with users before they are built, allowing the design to be improved quickly, effectively and cheaply.

Fowlam has worked with a wide range of organisations and companies including LEGO, the Home Office, Yoop and the University of Nottingham, providing top-quality research to improve their products and services. If you would like your company to benefit from our experience and expertise, call us today.

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