Case Study: Improving processes for UK Visas and Immigration

Case Study: Improving processes for UK Visas and Immigration

Improving processes with user research


From August 2016 to February 2017 Fowlam worked with the Home Office Digital Data and Technology (HoDDaT) team at UK Visas and Immigration, providing user research expertise to help streamline visa application and processing systems.

What they wanted:

HODDaT needed user research expertise to support a wide range of digital projects targeting improved efficiency across all visa services. Specifically they needed expertise on site in their Sheffield offices to ensure digital projects are delivered to the highest standards, within Government Digital Service (GDS) standards and driven evidenced user needs.

What Fowlam Delivered:

During this project we provided a wide range of service across multiple projects, including:

    • Contextual enquiry sessions exploring current practices and processes.
    • Focus groups and interviews to inform design and gauge the potential impact of various web-based services.
    • User testing high and low fidelity prototypes to ensure continuous improvement throughout development.
    • User centred design workshops to allow for user needs from day one of new project.
    • Design delivery and analysis of surveys to help delivery teams understand their users preferences and behaviors.
  • We ran user research with over 200 users and potential users over this time, across 4 government departments, 6 non-government organisations and members of the public.

The Results:

We helped deliver on six alpha and beta projects to Government Digital Service (GDS) Standards with all GDS project evaluations passed first time. During this time we also completed six discovery projects exploring the feasibility of new concepts and delivering concrete evidence based recommendations.

While non-disclosure agreements and classified information mean we can’t talk about the exact impact of our work, all our project deliverables were delivered on time and within budget.

We apply the same level of rigour and expertise to all of the projects we work on, large and small. If you would like to benefit from the extensive experience of our highly-qualified team, contact us.


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